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Why do we choose LED?

LEDs use less Energy

LED consumes less power.Our Crest LED Lighting applications use up to 90% less than halogen lights, 50% less energy than fluorescents light ans 75% less than light bulbs.

LEDs are Durable and Long Service Life

Crest LED last a lot longer. The operational life of LEDs last 4 to 40 times longer than traditional lighting products, while maintaining consistent light output over life. Technically, the LEDs can last indefinitely. The LED lifespan is between 30000 to 70000 hours.

LEDs are Cost Effective

Crest Led Lighting products will save you money. Even though, the initial cost of LED lights is higher, you won’t be spending money on replacing frquently by taking advantage of their longevity. With the LED lightings, they use very less power and thus your electricity bill will reduce a lot.

LEDs are Safe

Crest LED Lights are safe to use at home and cool to touch for children lamps.


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